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Covid-19 / Civil Unrest Status

We will post updates here on our operating status and other related info during this National Emergency related to the Covid-19 outbreak and civil unrest. 

Do not use the blog comment system for order status or inventory status questions. Contact DSG directly via email [email protected] or 800.382.7571 M-F 8-5 CDT.Requests placed in the comment system are not monitored and will not be answered. Include your specific order number and a concise description of your needs if contacting us by email.

Be advised that adding to or modifying orders already placed may delay your shipment during this period of high order volume. 


6/26/2020 1:37pm CDT - It is Friday already. Shipping is still same and next day for in stock items. This is starting to look a lot like 2015 to us and many of us remember how that ended. With a little over four months to the election we are seeing production time at component manufacturers booked up and very high demand in the market. Some suppliers are doing better than others at allocation and shipment, but overall goods are still moving. Our email and call volume is very large right now. Check your orders closely before you submit. In many cases our warehouse can package and ship an order before we get through the long list of daily emails. Texas and other parts of the South are seeing a large increase in reported Covid-19 cases. This will no doubt cause local and state governments to tighten their controls which generally disrupts the normal operation of many businesses, but DSG is still working at full capacity and plans to continue this. Our primary freight carriers are working hard to keep our shipments moving. USPS is still having issues with mail and small parcels. It looks like everything eventually shows up, but there are long delays. New this week is our DSG Branded Louisville Slugger mini-bat and coming soon we'll have the full size DSG Louisvlle Sluggers in a couple of different finishes for sale (in case you want to play ball during all this madness). Civil unrest in our general area is pretty limited. It appears the impact of politicians and local leaders rushing to appease the rioters may end up causing more damage than the people in the streets. We will see... Hold Fast.

6/15/2020 9:43am CDT - Our order and shipment volume continues to grow each week, but near real-time order processing continues. Orders for in stock goods received before 12-1pm CDT each day are still a safe bet to ship same day. We are seeing supplier lead times getting a little longer in many cases, but freight arrives daily. We are sending hundreds of Back In Stock notifications daily, but we are seeing many items sell out in short order once they arrive. We would encourage customers to place backorders for items you require to guarantee your order is filled with the next available shipment. Our inventory is separate from many other sites that are updating based on a single distributor's inventory so our available items will not be on the same schedule. And the items that are backordered for our customers are filled without delay when they arrive. Complete weapons and assemblies from premium brands are in very high demand. This includes our complete uppers. Again; place your order so that it can be fulfilled ASAP on a first-in first-out basis. Military units and Agencies please contact us directly for special requirements. We will make every effort to expedite your orders.

6/4/2020 2:45pm CDT - On 5/19/2020 we posted "The changes that are inevitable after a situation like this are still to be seen, but DSG promises to make every effort to fulfull your requirements in a professional and timely manner no matter what tomorrow brings.",  but since 5/26/2020, on top of lockdowns and Covid-19 fears, our Nation has added riots and looting to our list of things we all have to deal with. But our promise to our customers remains the same. Order processing is normally same day for orders received prior to 1pm CDT. We are fully staffed. Our freight carriers, with the exception of USPS (see 5/19 post below), are maintaining a steady pace. In some cases small box deliveries have been 'lost', but these have been very few considering the thousands of packages we ship. If tracking on an order that has shipped simply stops updating for more than a few days, contact us and we can contact the carrier for a trace or re-ship the order if we cannot resolve it for you. Our material suppliers and vendors are still shipping regularly, but the entire industry is under high demand. As a reminder; your individual order placed with DSG is shipped by DSG, from DSG's facility and is not drop shipped from shared inventories listed on multiple websites. Items on our site that show 'in stock' are just that; in stock in our warehouse. Items that you backorder from our website are purchased directly from that manufacturer and shipped to you as soon as they arrive in our facility. Military/Agency orders for specialized goods and/or large quantities: your DSG sales representative will advise on shipment method and origin.

Hold Fast.

5/19/2020 6:35am CDT - Thank you to all our customers for your support during the pandemic. Order processing at DSG is maintaining same or next day status. Inbound shipments are arriving on a regular basis. Currently we are tracking a couple of minor issues related to U.S. Postal that seems to affect our inbound and outbound mail (letters). Our local USPS office shared with us that the distribution center that processes mail for our local area has made adjustments to staffing and procedures to accomodate their response to Covid-19. What DSG has seen are letter size packages that have been delayed for up to 2-3 weeks.  This issue will only relate to NFA Paperwork and vendor and customer correspondence sent by USPS. The majority of goods shipments from our warehouse are sent by common carrier and truck freight and are not effected, but if you send a return, invoice, christmas card, etc. via U.S. Postal Service be aware that we may not have received it on a normal schedule. Our local USPS office is aware and tracking the issue. For common carriers the service levels have been pretty consistent with only a few short delays mixed in. Overall delivery service to end users has been good (all things considered).

5/7/2020 11:27am CDT - DSG is 5x5 and Texas is now making initial efforts to reopen our economy.  Since the beginning of the outbreak we have been running at full capacity and bringing in food for our crew daily to keep things moving and keep everyone busy. Currently our offices remain closed to most non-essential visitors and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. Agencies with special requirements, please contact us directly for shipping and pickup assistance. For our local customers that would have previously picked up goods in person, please contact us for shipping arrangements going forward. Most of our freight carriers offer options that will place your order within Texas at your door in one day. For our National customers: our freight carriers are still offering extra pickups to us daily as well as allowing depot drop-offs for our freight. We are currently unaware of any unusual delivery delays in most areas. Our vendors are all largely operating at or near normal capacity. Inbound freight is arriving daily and delayed goods from early in the outbreak are now arriving more closely to our expected delivery times. Thank you to all of our customers during this unusual period in our Nation's history. The changes that are inevitable after a situation like this are still to be seen, but DSG promises to make every effort to fulfull your requirements in a professional and timely manner no matter what tomorrow brings.

4/20/2020 11:23am CDT - DSG is still functioning normally. Most in stock contract, website and agency orders placed before approx. 1-2pm are shipping the same day. We are pleased to see that Streamlight has resumed operations and goods will be arriving soon. To the best of our knowledge all of our suppliers and essential vendors are in operation currently. Freight carriers are still delivering and shipping regularly and continue to assist us with our high volume of shipments. Our facility remains closed to most, but curbside pickups for local Mil/LE are working well.

4/6/2020 11:32am CDT - Lowa Boot shipping is operational at their warehouse in CT.  They have provided us with an alternate system to process our PO's until their sales staff can return to their offices. Streamlight is still offline currently.

4/6/2020 11:20am CDT - All operations at DSG are functioning normally. Local sales are restricted to curbside with pre-arrangement, but outbound shipping is still at or near real-time. Freight carriers appear to be operating on their normal schedules and in some cases have added additional trucks to help us keep up with volume.

3/30/2020 9:23am CDT - For local mil/le customers we now have a curbside pickup system in place. Call 817.806.9242 M-F 8-5CDT to place orders or make inquiries. For fastest service place the items you want in a shopping cart after logging in. Reps can see your cart when you call in and can start working on your order asap. Weapons/4473's can be processed @ curbside as well with our ipad forms system.

3/26/2020 4:12pm CDT - Streamlight is currently shut down and not processing orders.

3/25/2020 10:49am CDT - Order processing and shipping are still operating near real-time. Order cutoff for same day processing is approximately 12-1CDT. Freight shipments are currently arriving on time and arriving daily. Most of our suppliers are still operating at or near full capacity.

3/22/2020 9:03pm CDT * Updated 4/6/2020 - To limit exposure for our employees and to make every effort to maintain our operating status, DSG's facility will be closed to visitors and onsite customers until April 30, 2020.   Orders shipped within North Texas should be available on a next day basis if required. For special handling of essential items in our local area, please contact a DSG rep by phone @ 800.382.7571 M-F 8-5 CDT to make arrangements.

3/21/2020 7:56am CDT - Currently DSG is operating at full capacity as are our freight carriers. Shipping is maintaining real-time status, but order volume is high. Order cut off times for same day shippng are now expected to run closer to 12 noon on most weekdays. Monday shipping is very high volume, but we expect no more than one day delay currently. For Military or Agency orders that require expediting please contact a DSG rep by phone @ 800.382.7571 M-F 8-5 CDT.

3/20/2020 4:00pm CDT - Lowa boots order processing may be delayed due to CT shutdown order. Plants in Europe are still in production, but shipment delays are to be expected until CT personnel can resume warehouse operations. For Military or Agency orders that are pending, please contact DSG with your order details or requirements for a more precise ETA.

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