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Credit and Debit Cards - How Transactions are Processed

We are frequently asked by customers about their card charges when orders are placed and how the banks or card issuers treat these transactions.

Orders placed on dsgarms.com with a credit card payment are 'authorized' for the amount of the order when the customer submits the order. This authorization tells our system that the card is good and that the funds are available for us to complete the order when we are ready. At this point, no funds are given to DSG for the order. The card issuer has only told us that we can proceed if we choose to. 

Later, when the order is completed, our system processes or 'captures' the amount of the order, and then the processor requests payment from your card issuer/bank, and eventually, DSG receives the funds.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if the order does not ship completely?

Our system splits orders that are not shipped completely between what is shipping now and what will be held for shipment at a later time. In the case of a split order, our system submits avoid transaction to our card processor for the original authorization amount letting our card processor and your bank know that we will not be proceeding with the authorization. Our system then submits a capture of the actual (lower) amount that we are shipping.

An example: An order is placed for 2 items each costing $50. Our system requests authorization for $100 when the customer clicks submit on the website. If only 1 item will ship now our system, at shipment time,  will send a void transaction to the card processor for the $100 authorization and then capture the $50 for the item that is shipping. Later, when the additional item ships, we will capture the additional $50. This would be the case with backorders and special order items that are included on an order along with in-stock items.


What happens if an order is authorized but never ships?

Authorizations have expiration dates. Your bank or card issuer controls the date for your specific card. We find that most authorizations expire on their own in 5-7 business days, but contact your card issuer for specific information.


What happens if I submit an order and then change the amount or items on my order?

An authorization will occur when you place an order. If you contact us and change the order in a way that changes the amount of an order, a second authorization may occur. Even in cases where we submit voids to previous authorizations, we have been told by customers that some card issuers or banks do not release that authorization.


How can DSG help in the case of my bank or card issuer not releasing my voided authorizations?

DSG can help by sending you a copy of our void transaction to show your bank. Or in some cases, banks have required their customers to get a release form from businesses they have done business with. If that is the case, just send us the form with a quick note explaining the situation and we'll help in any we can. We have found that by the time the issuing bank sends out the form, in most cases the authorization has been removed already.


Reminder: A card authorization is not a request for funds by DSG and authorized amounts are never given to DSG unless we specifically ask for a 'capture' of the amount (e.g. we are shipping your order). If your bank or card issuer is holding or reserving funds then that is based on their actions or policies. DSG does not take funds until your order is shipped.*


*Wholesale or other special circumstance orders may be collected at the time of the order in some cases but your rep will communicate with you directly in those instances. Contact your DSG representative if you require any assistance.

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