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DSG Barrel Break In Procedure

How do I properly break in my new barrel?

We get this question frequently and below is our recommended best-practice for breaking in your new DSG barrel. We are not publishing this because it will void your warranty or cause major function issues, but it is a good idea if you want to get the maximum performance from your new barrel or upper.

We have also found that accuracy can significantly increase during the first 50 rounds fired when following this procedure. Especially in bore coated barrels (like our Duty and Utility Series).


DSG Barrel Break-In Procedure

Follow these instructions to ensure that your new DSG barrel achieves its full accuracy potential.

Before first use, clean the barrel's bore with a BoreSnake or brush to remove any excess oil or debris that may be present.

Verify that the firearm is correctly assembled.

Fire a five-shot group.

Clean the bore with a cleaning patch or BoreSnake through the bore from the chamber end.

Wipe the locking lug surface of the bolt clean, as well as the locking lugs in the barrel extension. A chamber mop can be used to clean the chamber if desired.

We recommend repeating this sequence every five shots for the first 50 rounds.


DSG recommends Slip 2000 brand cleaning solvent, kits, and rods.

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