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    TFB REVIEW: DSG Arms Kydex Holsters

    Thursday, June 29, 2017

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    TFB REVIEW: DSG Arms Kydex Holsters

    TFB DSG Alpha Holster

    Buying a holster for a friend or a family member is akin to picking out a special sweater as a Christmas present – everyone has their own tastes, body styles and requirements. It’s best to buy a gift card and write a meaningful note rather than risk getting them something that will never leave the bottom drawer. Along those same lines, you won’t hear me suggest a style of holster in this review (hey, if you want to triple-mag appendix carry, that’s on you). However, without spoiling the rest of the article, I can fully recommend the Kydex holsters made by DSG Arms, no matter what style makes you feel like John Wick.

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